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Cristine welcomes you to her new house in Mahón


Our building, in the historic centre of the city, is full of experiences: shipowners, bankers, playwrights and a myriad of other figures have passed through its doors.

Every detail is meticulously designed to make your visit a unique and personalised experience. Because the Cristine Bedfor was born with this mission in mind — to share unique experiences.


By Lorenzo Castillo

Cristine Bedfor and Lorenzo Castillo go back a long way. They’ve been scouting antique shops and fairs for years, searching for special objects, unique pieces full of history that blend to perfection with the architecture, materials and local craftwork in the Cristine Bedfor Mahón.

It would’ve been impossible to create the perfect place without him. Castillo, one of the world’s top interior designers, found in Cristine Bedfor Guest Houses a place where he could tell a story through every room, lounge, alcove and corner.



By Álvaro de la Rosa

Álvaro de la Rosa, a sensitive landscaper in love with the island, settled here a long time ago. His friendship has given my house: greenery, water, walkways, hidden corners, shadow and paths that make this garden of more than 600 square metres a Mediterranean oasis.

Discover the secret of Cristine Bedfor. Go for a dip, read in the shade of a Chinaberry tree or enjoy a glass of wine.




One in each room. Every room is different: full of memories and gifts from beloved friends.

Every detail, the fragrance, flowers, the embroidered sheets, is the result of many trips and experiences that make Cristine Bedfor more than just a place to sleep.

Cristine always greets you with a warm welcome. Every item here has a raison d'être, to give you that room you’ve always dreamed of.

What would you like me to surprise you with?

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Cristine Bedfor has many friends but is always eager to meet more people who contribute and share. Every friend, through their contribution, transforms this experience into the perfect equation.

CONTACT CRISTINE Infanta, 17 – 07702 Maó, Menorca